Tendências de pesquisa em Construção Enxuta: uma revisão sistemática de literatura


  • Luiza Moreira UDESC
  • Leonardo do Nascimento Melo UDESC
  • Andressa Lourenço Cantu UDESC
  • Danielle Bond
  • Luciana Leite UDESC
  • Carla Roberta Pereira The Open University


The construction industry has a significant impact on a country’s economy. However, it faces challenges related to all three aspects of sustainability, particularly due to waste generation and inefficiencies. In this context, Lean Construction serves as a management philosophy that aims to reduce waste, enhance construction efficiency, and deliver high-quality products. Despite its benefits, uncertainties persist regarding the implementation of Lean principles and their interactions within the construction sector. The objective of this study is to analyze research trends related to Lean Construction through a systematic literature review (SLR) between 1992 and 2022. After applying filters, 215 out of 601 articles were selected for critical reading and content analysis. The SLR revealed valuable insights into these trends, including main researchers, research methods, and geographical regions. Additionally, it explored the primary tools used in construction, the interplay between Lean Construction and other approaches, and existing research gaps in the field.