The Lean Tools and Elements most used in Literature - Application of PROKNOW-C for Selection and Analysis of a Bibliographic Portfolio


  • Marcia Moraes Erbs UFPR
  • Silvana Pereira Detro
  • Carla Rosa Regina Mazia Rosa


Abstract: The purpose of this article is to identify Lean tools, techniques and practices used in the implementations of manufacturing organizations globally and to select the most used ones. To better illustrate the study, the methodology of bibliometric review was used, through the Knowledge Development Process-Constructivist (Proknow-C), encompassing three steps: selection of the portfolio of articles; bibliometric analysis and systemic analysis. The studied portfolio revealed that there are many Lean tools, practices and/or techniques used that are repeated in successful implementations. In total, 29 journals were reviewed and it was concluded that the elements: Total Quality Management, Training, 5S, Just-in-Time, Value Stream Mapping, Standardization, Types of waste, Ergonomics, Leadership and Team Development, Multifunctional teams stand out with the number of citations within the portfolio, having 50% representation in the portfolio, so future studies related to determining which Lean tools and techniques to apply in organizations will benefit from this research

Keywords: Lean Manufaturing; Lean Implementation; Sytem; Model; Tool; Practices