Value Stream Mapping in the Textile Industry with focus on Reducing Waste on Circular Knitting


  • Andrew Silva Teodoro Vieira Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Daniel Luiz de Mattos Nascimento Universidade Federal Fluminense


Material flow, Competitiveness, Just in Time, Value Stream Mapping, Optimization Processes


This present study is conducted in an active textile company with a high national market share. For such, it shall demonstrate the current standard of material flow between the circular knitting sector (half stitch production) and the tissue beneficiation sector (dyeing and/or stamping), confronting it with the objective of identifying possible incremental improvements. It is thus proposed the use of principles from the Lean Systems for process optimizations, like Just in Time and Value Stream Mapping, reporting the possible benefits after implementation of the proposed system, and projecting the gains through descriptive statistics. The implementation of this research can be a critical success factor for operational excellence, thus aiming to reduce production costs and increasing competitiveness.