Technological roadmap integrating TPM and BIM in the management of building maintenance of federal universities


  • João Pedro
  • Aline Mano


Planning of maintenance activities is the basis for the effective operation of service and restoration of public buildings. Currently, there are technological tools that can help to improve building management and maintenance, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) the integration of these two concepts can bring significant gains to building maintenance. This work developed a technological roadmap integrating BIM and TPM, such as a tool to improve building maintenance management, focusing on reducing maintenance costs and prioritising preventive maintenance. This research has been developed through a systematic literature review, followed by the elaboration and application of the Roadmap, which evaluates after application in a pilot project at a federal university. The results have shown that the incorporation of the Roadmap into the routine of the maintenance sector provided higher control by the management, reducing corrective problems and extending the useful life of machines and equipment. The acceptance of the team involved in the process was positive, demonstrating the proposed project's potential. This study concludes that using the technological Roadmap, integrating BIM and TPM, proved promising and coherent with the expectations for building maintenance management. In addition, it offers a guide to help the application and use of the Roadmap in other institutions, with future perspectives to expand the impact of this approach on building maintenance management in different environments. Therefore, this research represents a relevant contribution to federal Universities, providing a technological tool to optimise building maintenance management.