Analysis of production waste in the machining process of a medium-sized metallurgical company

Guilherme Bolico Pletsch, José Donizetti de Lima, Dayse Regina Batistus, Marcelo Gonçalves Trentin, Maurício Pegoraro


In the current market, to become competitive, organizations seek to improve the efficiency of their production processes, focusing on eliminating or reducing losses. In this context, lean manufacturing and its tools are configured as good allies, since they collaborate so that companies can identify and analyze the waste that occurred in their processes. With this, they make it possible to propose continuous improvements, eliminating and reducing losses and rework. Inserted in this scenario, the present study analyzes the machining process in a medium-sized metal mechanic company, which performs machining of eccentric bushings. The main objective was, using lean manufacturing tools, to identify waste in the production process and, after analysis, to propose improvement actions. This intervention allowed the reduction of waste, the synchronization of the production process and, consequently, gains in operational efficiency for the organization.


Processo produtivo; Lean manufacturing; Desperdícios; Melhorias; Ramo metal mecânico


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