Lean startup applied in the development of an application for the university community


  • Gustavo Bessani de Oliveira
  • Priscila Pasti Barbosa
  • Rodrigo Lanzoni Fracarolli


Innovation, Lean Startup, Planning, Startup, Waste elimination


The competitive current market and the growing demand for results, lead companies to seek alternatives for optimization of processes, products or services, as it is increasingly frequent to adopt planning practices that reduce risks and seek more assertive decision-making. At the same time, with the evolution and agility of technology, the number of companies without a formally structured business model is also increasing, so-called startups. In this context, the Lean Startup methodology, proposed by Eric Ries, seeks to eliminate waste, using tools that accelerate the product developed, based on the desires and needs of the customers. Thus, the present work is an exploratory case study, and was conducted in a startup, called Fideliza Mais, which offers benefits, such as discounts and raffles, for university students and has the objective of developing an application through the Lean Startup methodology, and the analysis of the results that it offers to the company. It was possible to observe from the results, that the method was efficient, because it reduced wastes present inside Startup, brought the company closer to its clients and contributed to the reduction of uncertainties throughout the project.



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