Integrating the Hoshin Kanri and Key Performance Indicators approach into the industry


  • Pedro Vieira Souza Santos


Hoshin Kanri, Key Performance Indicators,


The management of the multinational beverage industry, of French origin, decided to implement a more effective policy to manage and execute its strategy. The change in management was due to the difficulties in achieving goals derived from the company's strategy. It was decided, therefore, to apply the strategic management model proposed by Hoshin Kanri and thus align functions and activities with the most important strategic objectives of the organization. At first, with the adoption of punctual actions, it was possible to notice changes in all levels of the organization. However, it was noted at the operational level greater resilience in change management. To minimize this effect, periodic clarification meetings are held with "shop floor" personnel and doubts are addressed, improving communication and alignment among organizational levels. With 4 months of implementation of practices that meet the expectation of better management, in general, the achievement of registered and accumulated goals improved by approximately 15%. It is expected to reach at least a 50% advance by the month of December. 

Author Biography

Pedro Vieira Souza Santos

Engenheiro de Produção.

Graduado em Engenharia de Produção na Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco (UNIVASF)