Leveling of production through the application of the Heijunka method


  • Pedro Vieira Souza Santos Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco - UNIVASF


Heijunka, Lean, Gypsum manufacturing industry,


Due to the competitiveness present in the market, the service with quality of the demand is one of the critical points in the organizations of manufacture. Through Heijunka, a Lean tool, you can have the production schedule in a way that allows you to combine different items to ensure a continuous flow of production, also leveling the demand for production resources. With the adoption of timely actions along the production line and in production scheduling, it was possible to notice, after 45 days of change in the internal culture of the manufacturing, 82% of the actual production due to the attendance of demand. This result represents a 47% improvement in customer service, that is, production started to have more balance in the use of resources, a regular demand in previous processes, it was still observed the elimination of waste and favoring the standardization of processes in general. In order to guarantee a better result in the leveling of production, other actions will be adopted in the next six months and with this it is expected to level 100% of production.

Author Biography

Pedro Vieira Souza Santos, Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco - UNIVASF

Engenheiro de Produção.