The contribution of industry 4.0 to lean manufacturing


  • Carlos Alberto Oian Instituto Federal de São Paulo


The term Industry 4.0 (I.4.0) has often been cited and is directly linked to the future of manufacturing activities, and within this context, interfaces with other concepts such as Lean Manufacturing occur, and the latter can benefit from the benefits generated by applying the principles, tools and techniques of I.4.0. The present work has the purpose of analyzing the influence of I.4.0 on Lean Manufacturing. The methodology used consists of a qualitative exploratory bibliographic study through the analysis and evaluation of papers, books and periodicals in a virtual environment, in the main databases (web of science, scopus, google scholar and emerald insight) and the results presented through the qualification the importance and applicability of the concepts of I.4.0 in Lean Manufacturing.

Author Biography

Carlos Alberto Oian, Instituto Federal de São Paulo

Mechanical Dept