A3 Case - Sustainability in the transformation of environmental liabilities into economic assets in the "Collective Food Industry" in Brazil

Gleison Hidalgo Martins, Kleyton de Paula Silva, Carlo Domênico Túlio, Roberto Pachego JR


The world is going through a new industrial revolution and this fact makes it necessary for companies to proactively manage their resources. Due to economic issues there was significant increase in cost with materials, low availability of credit for investments, companies saw the opportunity for adoption and implementation of the lean production system and the green production system. It must be said that this adoption makes possible not only the reduction of waste and quality but also the competitive advantage and greater profitability of the invested capital. For this reason the research aimed at the search for alternatives to sustainability in the transformation of environmental liabilities into economic assets in 2017, managed through the A3 Report, using the A3 method for problem solutions as the basis for the research. The mindset behind the A3 method is divided into five sections for problem solving being definition of the business requirement, current conditions; the target situation; action plans and indicators. The results presented with the implementation of the countermeasures led to a reduction of costs with the transportation and disposal of the fat box and made possible the sustainability in the transformation of the environmental liabilities into the economic asset, presenting a general economy with the proposals of 80% in the year.


A3 Case; Lean Philosophy; Green production; Food Industry; Problem-Solving.



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