The application of the Just in Time model: case study in a national company

Filipe de Castro Quelhas


This article sought to study the details that would justify the construction of a new plant for the production of auto parts to create conditions of proximity to the customer. Aiming to aggregate theoretical knowledge and recommendations on the practice and contribution to the study of logistics efficiency, a case study was carried out in a national company belonging to level 1 of the Brazilian automotive complex for the next edition of the kiln. As can be deduced from the development made, this article brings contributions to both theory and practice of Production Engineering and Operations Management. In terms of generating new knowledge, this study showed that the strategic advantages of creating customer proximity in the Brazilian automotive fabric transcend the conventional reasoning of taking into account only the financial return as a feasible factor of the installation of a new industrial plant. This fact should be recognized by the managers of the auto parts companies as a factor to reinforce the competitive conditions of their respective firms and be taken into account when strategic decisions of closer relations with the main customers had to be taken. To reach the proposed objectives, in the field of methodology, as a research method, this research was characterized as a typical case study.


Just in Time; inventory maintenance; case study; national company


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