Framework for evaluating internal logistics from the lean and green perspective


  • Jonathas Beber


logística lean e green, logística interna, sistema de abastecimento de componentes


The present research aims to analyze the concepts and practices of lean and green logistics through the development of a framework for evaluating such practices in internal logistics. In order to investigate how green the lean parts feeding systems could be, the proposed framework was applied through a case study in a company producing home appliances. The first stage of the work aimed to design the theoretical structure of the proposed framework, grounding the second part of the work that dealt with the analysis of the applicability of lean and green practices in the parts feeding system of the company. The research was able to classify eighteen lean and green practices that can be applied to parts feeding system. Among these practices, seven are classified as green practices only, because there is no explicit relation to lean thinking. In the case study, it was observed that the parts feeding system of the company has been applying ten of the presented practices. Finally, the present research contributes to the discussion about the relation of the principles and practices of the lean philosophy with the concepts of sustainability and green conduits.