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What Is Weight Loss?

por Damaris Whitford (2019-08-09)

A few reasons really. I went to college to learn how to eat healthy, be thin, and get into a job like a doctor and see what happens. It taught me that if you're a little overweight, get outta it. Eat like a fish and drink like a dolphin, eat your favorite foods everyday, stay healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water and snacks, and do whatever else works. There are other ways of losing weight, but those are only as successful and sustainable as your lifestyle choice. And I still can't get back my weight.

If you're struggling, what are some things you have to do to get it better?

One of the worst things I do is eat too much crap and I start to see changes in my face and my jaw and I think, "Oh my god, am I gaining? Am I losing too much weight?" At first it doesn't seem that big. Then I think, "Well, I just have to keep eating enough crap."

You can lose weight by changing how you eat, and changing that in your face, if you do that over three months, the weight will come back.

How do you think other people can change from this path? What do you think they will do?

If I could ask my three friends, I would definitely want to do more: I would want to encourage them to use the advice I gave to tell others not only how to lose weight loss tips ( but also to make other changes in their own lives to get started.

What advice would you give to others trying to lose weight?

You better make this work! But be patient! You have to accept what you're doing in life if it's worth it!

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