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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An IPhone App

por Cornell Rodrigues (2020-02-02)

Hellow, I used to be using one iPhone with version 12.4 to run application for בניית אפליקציות development. Suddely after i up to date from version 12.4 to 13.1, one in every of my http rest api simply stopped working and it returns me error:

1 year ago019-09-25 16:56:56.578750+0200 SmaforetagarnasAPP[487:44045] job problem NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust

FAILURE: Error עלות פיתוח אפליקציות Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999 "cancelled" UserInfo=NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=, NSErrorFailingURLKey=, _NSURLErrorRelatedURLSessionTaskErrorKey=(

"LocalDataTask ."
), _NSURLErrorFailingURLSessionTaskErrorKey=LocalDataTask ., מחיר לפיתוח אפליקציות NSLocalizedDescription=cancelled

2019-09-25 16:56:56.590973+0200 SmaforetagarnasAPP[487:44045] Task . HTTP load failed, 0/zero bytes (error i5apps code: בניית אפליקציות לאנדרואיד -999 [1:89])

2019-09-25 16:56:56.592230+0200 SmaforetagarnasAPP[487:44045] Connection 3: i5apps unable to find out interface kind without a longtime connection

2019-09-25 16:56:56.592313+0200 SmaforetagarnasAPP[487:44045] Connection 3: unable to find out fallback standing with out a connection

Im using Alamofire SessionManager to make the http name

The http call requires certificate and here is my code:
Calling operate:

Once I obtain Challenge this operate will get referred to as:
Here is extension once it requires the certificate:

My Info.plist:
P.s. I up to date my Xcode till support the most recent iOS 13.1 model as well.