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Hints From Roofing Contractors: Why Do Shingles Curl?

por Ernestine Dibella (2020-01-24)

If your shingles are curling, it's only a matter of time before you start to have problems with your roof. Before you end up with a soggy attic or mold growth inside your home, learn what could be causing the problem, as well as how roofing contractors can fix it for you.

Reason #1: A Roofing Company Needs To Replace The Roof

If your roof is over 15 years old and the shingles are starting to curl, it's a sign that the materials are old and that the home needs a new roof. Replacement is the only solution for this problem. Some materials now have lifetime warranties, but that doesn't mean they did 10 years ago! Talk to your roofing contractors about new options that have lifetime warranties and you won't need to worry about replacing the roof again.

Reason #2: The Shingles Were Improperly Installed

If your roof is fairly new, one reason that you could be having problems with the shingles is that they weren't installed properly. This could mean that the roofing company only used three nails instead of four or that the nails were driven through the strip of adhesive that seals each shingle to another one. This can cause the nails to work themselves out, which leads to eventually curling.

Reason #3: A Tar Line That's Not Lined Up Correctly

Each shingle has a strip of adhesive that's also known as a tar line. If they aren't installed by someone who knows what they're doing, these lines won't line up correctly. Tar lines that aren't lined up can cause the tabs on the shingles to curl since the adhesive can't do its job correctly.

Reason #4: Improper Attic Ventilation

However, the most likely reason that your shingles are curling has nothing to do with the roof itself! Instead, the most likely scenario is that your attic is improperly ventilated. Attics need to have vents installed, but do you know why? These vents help move air that's full of moisture through the attic instead of letting it become stagnant. Moisture rich stagnant air will eventually condense inside the attic and cause the decking to become damp, which leads to mold and loosens the adhesive, causing curling.

Another reason attic ventilation is important is that without it, the attic can reach very high temperatures since the trapped, hot air has nowhere to go. The hot air reduces the adhesive's effectiveness. Many people are worried that attic vents can cause their heating and cooling bills to skyrocket since air is flowing freely throughout the space, but the right insulation can keep costs down -- and your roofing safe.

Should You Tackle This Project Yourself?

If you've noticed a problem with your shingles, 릴게임 바다이이야기 you're probably wondering if you can attempt to fix it yourself. This is typically a bad idea! Although reroofing your house yourself can initially seem like a great way to save some money on labor costs, the truth is that your shingles will not have a proper warranty if they're not installed correctly. While it's true that it can cost a few thousand dollars to replace your roof, it's money well spent if it means that you're getting a professional installation from roofing contractors.