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Where do you speak Korean? -

por Pamela Schubert (2020-01-14)

80px-9%EC%9B%94_29%EC%9D%BC_LG_%ED%96%89You speak Korean in Korea.

What language do Korean people speak?
They both speak korean with only a few pronunciation differences

How many people in the world speak Korean?
As of 2012, about 80 million people speak Korean.

How do you speak Korean?
By watching korean drama and listing k-pop

What percent of people in the world speak Korean?
about 75 Million people speak Korean, which is less than 0.01% of the world's popluation.

Can someone translate your Korean name into Korean characters my name is kang seung gi?
IF i am Korean, and IF i know how to speak it yes, i can; I DO speak it :D So, if your name IS Kang Seung Gi, in Korean Hangul, it would be 강승기.

What language do the south Koreans speak?
Korean (or hangul as it's called in Korean)

How do you say i speak Korean in Korean?
Hankook-mal heyo. or Hankook-mal hamnida. It means "I speak Korean" top one being non-formal, bottom one being formal.

How do you say I speak a little bit of Korean in Korean?
"Nan hangkuk chugum araeyo"

Is a Korean Nintendo DS good?
if you can speak Korean language, it is same as the other versions

Is there an educational Korean film to learn Korean?
yes but if you have a ipod touch or a iphone then there is an app for it just type in korean how to speak it

What is North Koreas language?
They speak Korean.

Can Hines Ward speak Korean?
no... not yet

How do you speak paul in Korean?
폴 pol

What language Brenda Song speak?
Brenda Song speak English and Korean and she is bilingual.

What language does Super Junior speak?
Super Junior is from South Korea, and they speak Korean.

What lanugage do Koreans speak?
Koreans speak Korean. The written alphabet is called hangul

Is Korean speak spanish?
No It Is Not Korean is one of the couple sybol languages and Spanish is a language of the Latin Form

Is mandarin spoken in Korea?
Although there might be people in Korea who speak Mandarin, Korean people speak the Korean language. Mandarin is spoken in most of China and also in Taiwan.

What language does keira knightley speak?
Korean and Japanese

How do you say do you speak Japanese in Korean?

How did Koreans communicate?
They speak Korean to each other.

How do you speak Jesus in Korean?
예 수 = Jesus

How do you speak Korean in again?
again? - 또? (tto?)

What langue does north Koreans speak?

What language do heo youngsaeng speak?
he speaks korean.

What languages are spoken by Koreans?
Koreans speak Korean.

What are the different languages that Koreans speak?
koreans only speak korean they do not have any other language.

How many people speak Korean?
Worldwide, there are about 80 million people who speak Korean. The population of South Korea is 50 million and the population of North Korea is 24. 76 million.

What do the Koreans speak?
Koreans speak and write Korean. Korean language rank top 20 widely spoken languages around the world. Korean is spoken by 88 million Koreans living and working around the world. Korean is written in alphabet based language similar to English. Korean language is very scientific and practical language. Korean language contains ( 70 percent native Korean, 30 percent Chinese loanwords written in Korean not Chinese).

What do you do - Korean language?
to communicate well korean language,,and understand what they talkig,,and also speak well their language

What do Japanese people speak the most?
* They mostly speak Japanese, but some can speak Korean, Chinese, and alot can speak English. * and have lots Russian people in the hiz out

How do you say 'I do not speak Korean' in Korean?
A few different ways to say "I don't speak Korean" in Korean are: 저는 한국어를 못합니다(jeo-neun hangukeo-reul motamnida) 한국말 수 없습니다 (hangukmal su eobseumnida) 나는 한국말 못해요 (na-neun hangukmal motaeyo)

What do hawaii people speak?
English. Although most speak some Hawaiian- and many also speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Spanish.

Does Jamie Chung speak Korean?
Yes, at conversational level.

How do you say speak louder in Korean?
Duh kegai yaki he.

How do you say 'I speak Korean at school' in Korean?
Informally: 난 학교에서 한국말써. Formally: 학교엔 한국말써요.

How many people in Japan speak Korean?
There aren't any statistics available for the number of Korean speakers living in Japan.

What lauguages do asians speak?
It depends on where they live. They can speak Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, etc.

How do you say 'do you speak Korean' in Korean?
Two ways of saying 'do you speak Korean?' in Korean are: 한국말 하세요? (hangugmal haseyo?)- polite;used when speaking to adults or people of a higher status than you 한국말 해? (hangugmal hae?) - casual;used when speaking to people of an equal or lower status than your own

What language does South Korea speak and what is their currency?
South Korea's official languages are Korean and Korean Sign Language. Their currency is 'won' or 취미 ₩.

How many official languages do Koreans speak?
Just one. The only official language of both North and South Korean is Korean.

Does jang geun suk speak english?
Korean, Japanese, and English.

How do you speak in Korean?
by watching and listing k-drama and k-pop

What languages does tae yang know to speak?
Korean, Japanese and English.

Does Justin chon speak Korean?
Yes, he does. With a slight American accent, but he does. :-)

What language do heo young saeng speak?
Korean and a little Japanese

What language does big bang speak?
Korean, Japanese, and some English.

What language is ' i am the best' By 2NE1?
They speak Korean in "I am the Best".

What language does Lady Rainacorn speak?
Occasionally English but mainly Korean.

What does chukae mean in Korean?
It means "Congratulation" when you speak to close friends.

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