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Ever wondered about having a stone that can make your life full of musical adventure

por Kit Carothers (2020-01-12)

Ever wondered about having a stone that can make your life full of musical adventure. "DJ Dirty Brown" is a amusing comic book about a young lady. The story of art, invention & desire which is all about the loveliness and the ability of a lady with a sound that creates her powers to be the far-famed DJ of her city.

A stone that reserves the beauty of a woman, made her the victor of the town. A stone that is imbued by a shaman with sounds and African rhythms as part of a plan to preserve African musical heritage.

This is a comic, which is all about a Woman named "Dirty Brown" who is a DJ of her town. A woman of mixed race (African-American/Caucasian) in her early 20s, who is one of the hottest DJs in town.

She is attractive, beautiful, sharp and exploded with attractiveness -- a club queen who drives round the town in an exceedingly cement truck she has changed to function each home and studio with her music and DJ powers.

This is also the story of an ancient, magical green stone, Dirty's inspiration, which she wears around her neck. In starting Dirty doesn't know that the stone, which was given to her by a black trumpet player.

When the stone is stolen by Dirty's ex-boyfriend, the sinful DoeJoe, Dirty's confidence was losing gradually and her abilities as a DJ. While overcoming several obstacles, Dirty retrieves the stone, entirely to look out that it has been exposed to evil spirits and may be pure thus to revive its lost power.

In Last Dirty discovers that she now not wants its power, having learned the lesson of the shaman: "pay attention within, the sound can guide you." Dirty passes on the stone to successive link within the chain and continues to D.J. with success, 야한 웹툰 추천 spreading African music all over.

DJ Dirty Brown is proving to be a running away hit with fans and critics alike. Being hailed as one of the most important comics of recent times, it features comics first Woman DJ in a town. The first issue is about to come on crowdfunding platform.

We are launching our comic campaign soon on Indiegogo. So, Comic lovers stay tuned with us and check our updates on our social media . To scan additional information regarding our story, Visit us at website Dirty Brown - Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magical Stone