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An App to Discover Whats Happening Nearby

por Blythe Clowers (2020-01-10)

Instead of checking the local newspaper or social networks, a new app takes the guesswork out of finding local events and what is happening nearby. Called Roamz, 모바일 게임 정보 the app aggregates data from social networks around a particular location to provide information about what is happening at venues in the area.
Roamz founder and CEO Jonathan Barouch said the explosion of social content on social networks such as Twitter does not completely address the issue. "Say I'm walking down the road in Sydney and there's a noodle market going on in Hyde Park. How do I find out about that? Unless I'm following someone on Twitter or Foursquare I'm going to miss it," said Barouch.

i15602666744.jpgThe app gathers public data from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram about a particular location into a feed tailored to a user's interests, chosen from ten categories ranging from child or pet friendly activities, to restaurants, attractions and shopping.

"Our vision was to sift through those millions of posts and pieces of content and work out the signals that are actually relevant to the user at the time they're relevant," Barouch explained. Using artificial intelligence the app gets smarter as it learns how a user rates particular venues and the types of content uploaded or frequently viewed. It uses this information to refine the data being presented.

Launched at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco last week, the app has already received 8000 downloads. But there are still kinks to be worked out. "We launched as any good startup should probably -- a bit earlier than we could have," said Barouch. "We could have spent another six or eight months building it." The company plans to increase the amount of content available, which is currently sparse in some areas.

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