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Moment Cal State stabbing suspect flees the scene where he killed

por Skye Akin (2020-03-28)

Police have released this sketch of the suspect who stabbed to death former Cal State administrator Steven Chan

Police have released a sketch of the suspect who stabbed to death a retired California State University, Fullerton, administrator Monday morning in a plea for the public's help to identify him. 

The suspect is described as an Asian man in his mid-20s, who was last seen on surveillance footage also released by police Tuesday. The video shows the man fleeing the scene on foot wearing a black cap, black windbreaker and black pants. In case you have almost any questions relating to exactly where and how you can utilize no nonsense service to our customers. if it's line painting you need, you can contact us on our own internet site.    

He's believed to have killed Steven Shek Keung Chan, 57, who was found inside his silver Infiniti bleeding from the head and with stab wounds throughout his body around 8.30am Monday. 

Authorities say they found a backpack under the car, believed to belong to the suspect, containing a bomb, knife-like weapon and items used in a kidnapping including zip ties, wigs and other disguise materials. 

Investigators believe the suspect was injured during the attack and may have lacerations on one or both of his hands.

Authorities released footage of the suspected killer fleeing the scene on foot wearing all black 

He is described as an Asian man in his mid-20s, wearing a black cap, black pants and black windbreaker jacket 

The suspect was seen leaving a nearby parking lot in this black new model BMW X6 with dark tinted windows and black wheels

The suspect was later seen leaving a nearby parking lot in a black new model BMW X6 with dark tinted windows and black wheels. 

Investigators believe Chan was specifically targeted in the attack but have not identified a motive. 

He was the former director of CSUF Budget and Finance department before retiring and then working for the university as consultant. 

Efforts to save him failed and Chan, of Hacienda Heights, died at the scene.  

A witness reported seeing the suspected killer running north on Langsdorf Drive and east on Nutwood Avenue near the Marriott Hotel before.

'Do not confront suspect,' the police department said. 

Fullerton police Lt. Jon Radus said of the bomb found in the backpack: 'It was basically like a bottle with flammable liquid and a potential igniter' but it had not been set off.

Police announced they were continuing their hunt for the attacker Tuesday.  

Chan was found on the first day of the semester inside a car in a campus parking lot with stab wounds

A backpack, which is believed to belong to the suspect, was found underneath the car with a bomb, knife and kidnapping items including zip ties and wigs 





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The stabbing happened on the first day of the school year, when campus police were filming active shooter drills to prepare students and staff for emergencies  

Investigators said they were also not aware of any previous threats made to the former administrator.  

From 2009 to 2017, Chan was the university's director of budget and finance and student services for university extended education, the university said.

He returned to campus as a special consultant in early 2019 'to provide his sage guidance and wisdom,' university President Fram Virjee said in a statement.

Virjee said he did not know Chan personally 'but over the past few hours, in providing a shoulder to lean on for those who were close to him, it is clear that he was beloved for his commitment to and passion for both Cal State Fullerton and our Titan Family.'

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fullerton Police Detective Victoria Chandler  at 714-738-6754.