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An Award-winning Environmentally Friendly Luxury Car is Unveiled in a Knightsbridge Store

por Ada Haynes (2020-04-08)

Luxury cars and environmental friendliness do not often go together, especially on a TV show that focuses on power, performance, speed and style, but with the launch of a new luxury car that has been chosen as the BBC TV Show Top Gear's luxury car of the year that is all set to change.

Seemingly Jermey Clarkson and the rest of his team have finally "gone green" after being singularly unimpressed by at least three previous electrically powered cars, largely because of fears that they would limit by too much the distance to be travelled between battery charges.

It was, according to one motoring journalist, "about as unlikely a result as the deputy PM Nick Clegg putting down a deposit on a Lamborghini Aventador".

Evidently even the folks at Top Gear have finally been convinced that it is possible to combine environmental friendliness, with luxury, power, performance and distance all thrown and it was all thanks to the Fisker Karma, the Fisker company's first production car.

It is a 403 hp luxury sedan and the world's first true electric vehicle with extended range which can be driven in electric-powered only stealth mode or with fuel assisted back-up in sport mode. It has a number of other features including solar panels in the roof to give the battery a boost if needed and an interior made out of environmentally friendly materials.

A major feature of this stylish car is sustainable design with leather and suede sourced from animals on farms that abide by five principles of humane treatment, wood trim is sourced from reclaimed lumber and foam in seating made from soy-based bio fibre.

Where better to show off this dream car than London's most up-market department store in the heart of Knightsbridge?

Diescretion is the key to launching a new car onto display in a prestigious shop window to get the maximum impact.

If you have any type of concerns pertaining to where and how you can make use of we offer the SVG Superior Value Guarantee. Not only will we give you a great price on the car that's right for you, you can contact us at the page. The car was taken to the store using a specialist car sourcing and delivery company in secure enclosed transport. The company's drivers, who are skilled in precision delivery and manoeuvring cars into the most tight spaces, up stairs, around corners, on their sides on special trolleys, in and out of lifts.

Getting the car into the Knightsbridge store's window was a relatively straightforward operation compared with some contracts the company has carried out. Nevertheless, care still needs to be taken when handling a brand-new, gleaming and immaculate car from pick-up to delivery and only an experienced professional company is able to do this kind of job without any problems.

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An electric car is chosen as luxury car of the year 2011 by a popular UK television motoring show as luxury car of 2011 and then precision delivered to a department store in the heart of Knightsbridge in covered transport. By Ali Withers.