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Changing Terms and Industry Jargon

por Katrina Messerly (2020-03-27)

It kind of seems capricious if YOU as the service provider use interchangeably bangs and fringes; swedish massage and deep tissue massage; lip stain and tint; foundation, concealer, powder and blush brush - because after all you are the 'expert' (Hehe, Yes these are cliched examples, but you get the point right!).

I know you must be thinking, "Why this and what's in a word?" So let's take an example; for instance a girl walks into your hair salon and goes like, "I want that hair color that is only visible in the sun and is still pretty natural and I want to color all my yea", your immediate response should be, "Cool, so you want a Global shade of Burgundy" and then pull out you hair color palette. This simple discussion just gave your client undoubted faith in your skills instead of her thinking that you have no effing idea!

Language is the depth of the ocean and the limitless sky, it is constantly changing and you need to adapt to that change. Muave, purple, violet, indigo are all very different from eachother. I know sometimes you feel braggy using all these fancy words, but trust me it's better than sounding clueless, or worse - wrong. Save yourself from the embarrassment of using a term that's absolutely wrong even though what you intended to mean is absolutely correct.

Here's what you can do, follow the use of a proficient term with your simple explanation setting new standards for hairdressers and making education available globally. Our mission is to upgrade the industry one hairdresser at a time. it. In this manner you've not only established your know-how but also made a conversation with your client, which let me tell you most of them enjoy. You'll just appear as a person that probably mixed up a term with another but you know your job because the explanation was correct.

This key learning doesn't only help with your clients but it sincerely defines 'you in your profession'. There's always scope to climb that career ladder you had your eyes on, but you've got to be prepared when someone meets you up there! There's a reason why today there are numerous institutes and famous brands dedicated to the education in the wellness sector. One of the best, the L'Oreal Academy, has an out-and-out set of resources for the Absolute Route to Hairdressing Diploma (ARTH) course. They not only focus on the skill and techniques but also communication and terminology use. Similarly, there are various institutes that specialize in teaching and training for different professions.


To conclude I'd say that people always use the term 'jargon' for these 'cool' words, which basically reminds me of those BIG words that I never understood, so I prefer to say that the 'professional terminology' unique to every sector, every industry within the sector, every profession within that industry, is something you should always make an effort to know and keep yourself updated.

Changing Terms and Industry Jargon