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What is better MySpace or Facebook

por Hayley Kincheloe (2020-01-22)

I truly recommend Facebook it is way more fun than Myspace! I have a Facebook and 인터넷바카라사이트 it is fun. I made a quiz on website on which is better Myspace or Facebook and 20 people took the quiz an all 20 chose Facebook!

Is Facebook like MySpace?
Yes facebook is like myspace i believe. Many people say myspace is better, some say facebook is better sign up for both of them. And try them out pick which one you like and submit here. Facebook Myspace

Is Facebook better than MySpace and why?
In my opinion, myspace has better features, but facebook usually has way less drama, and all that.

What is special about Facebook?
Yeah, why is facebook so special, and so much better than for instance Myspace. Doesnt facebook have the exact same functions as Myspace? Yeah, why is facebook so special, and so much better than for instance Myspace. Doesnt facebook have the exact same functions as Myspace?

Which is better Facebook or MySpace?
While MySpace has lost noteriety recently to Facebook, it is a matter of preference.

Do you like Facebook better than MySpace?
no more people love myspace better:)

What is better than MySpace?
facebook is better than myspace because it more safer and private. but on facebook you dont get to change your background and stuff.

Why do people say facebook is better than MySpace?
well first of all myspace is better for teenagers,because myspace you can decorate your profile no such thing as that in facebook so it might be better for adults to communicate with their friends but it is better for teenagers.

Which website was made 1st MySpace or Facebook?
myspace was First And twitter and THEN DUMB FACEBOOK!. Myspace is better than all 333Myspace3333

Is Facebook better then MySpace?
facebook is better then myspace because you know a lot more people and on myspace they always chnge it and it gets messed up and you cant find the person your looking for facebook stays the same and doesnt mess up..

What are opinions of whether MySpace or Facebook is better?
One view Facebook is something you can use for casual talk with your friends, planning get-togethers, or just sharing your opinion with other people you don't know about a game you both like. It is good for social networking more than business. - Myspace have themes and colors on your profile, Faceboook then no. 1 point for myspace. -Facebook lets you customize your privacy. Facebook 1 , myspace 1 -Myspace let you change your name...

Is MySpace better than Facebook?
NEVER in a billion years! Facebook, i recommended you to go there. MUCH SAFER! Never go to Myspace!!

Why is MySpace dead?
well lots of people like facebook better but myspace is dying

Is MySpace cool?
my space is cool but..... there is allot of perverted ppl and i recomend facebook better myspace is awesome ! there can be weird-o's on myspace but it is most deffinitly ok for kids ,, well over age of at least 15 ! FACEBOOK IS TERRIBLE ! it is for old people end of story .no try facebook much much better than myspace.

Why is MySpace better than Facebook?
Because you can flirt!

Which is better to comunecate Facebook or MySpace?
Facebook loads much faster, and is cleaner, so I suggest it!

Which is better for kids Facebook or MySpace?
I would have to say facebook. There is more interaction and games to play.

What is more popular MySpace or Facebook?
myspace .... but people are saying facebook is thinking of something awesome to improve and bet myspace (improved answer) myspace is much better bcuz of the set up u get more room to adjust and customize your profile.

What website do you like better MySpace or Facebook?
FACE BOOK myspace is not safe at all go to you will see

What is better facebook or myspace?
face book because it's safe

Which is better Facebook myspace or Twitter?
Without any doubt,Twitter

How do you get songs on your Facebook?
You cant. It is not like myspace. It is a lot better and simpler.

Witch is better Facebook MySpace bebo or msn?
I believe that the answer is proper spelling and punctuation. Grammar Nazis FTW!!! Also, MSN is completely different to Facebook, Bebo and Myspace.

Why is Facebook better than MySpace?
Cause there's more people on facebook and there's more apps and you get to write ur status like every five secounds unlike myspace.....if i say myself...myspace is gay.

Which is better or Facebook?
Whatever the other option was (MySpace,Twitter,etc.) Facebook is the best social networking site.

Whats better Facebook or MySpace?
FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!! its the most popularest and myspace is shut down now i htink coz of the populationg going donw there 5x more people on facebook than myspace my space is rubbish facebooks newer and you can do better things , lots of people know about i tmore than myspadce its as popular as msn i htink even more popular lol x

Why should you have a Facebook?
Why not have facebook! Its better than bebo and myspace so there is no point in not having it! And because it is freaking AMAZINGGG!!!:O

Which was made first MySpace or Facebook?
myspace. myspace was launched in 2003 and facebook was in 2004

Does lor'rena from Baldwin hills have a Facebook or MySpace?
No facebook. But she has a myspace

How are Facebook and MySpace different?
facebook you have to be older than myspace.

Who old do you have to be to get a Facebook or MySpace?
To get a Facebook or MySpace you can be any age

Was Facebook created before MySpace?
No Myspace was created before facebook.

How do you transfer photos from MySpace to Facebook?
move photos to facebook from myspace

What was their before Facebook?
Myspace, but then of course facebook domminated myspace. Haha(:

What the best friend site ever?
MYSPACE Facebook and twitter are also OK, even better.

Which came first MySpace or Facebook?
I believe MySpace came out in 2003 and Facebook then came out in 2004.first is Myspace

Can people on MySpace be friends with people on Facebook?
Yes. Get a Facebook account and add Facebook friends there, You can have both a Myspace and a Facebook account.

What is your view on Facebook and MySpace?
I think facebook and myspace should let kids 13 and under have myspace and facebook. I also think parents should too

Was MySpace created before Facebook?
Yes Myspace was created before facebook.

How can you take youre MySpace photos to Facebook?
how can i take my, myspace photos to facebook.

Does Benjamin Burnley have Facebook or MySpace?
I know he has a Facebook but I'm not sure about a MySpace.

Is Facebook a cover up for MySpace?
yes facebook is to cover up for myspace

Is facebook really better than MySpace?
I would have to say yes, ever since i've been on facebook i never went back to myspace but thats just me... you should try getting one and seeing the difference yourself

Is Facebook better than MySpace?
A lot of people go to Myspace because they think it is fun and entainment and you should know this, it is DANGEROUS. And other people go to Facebook because it's mostly safe. Well Facebook is much better. Most people reccomended you to go there! In my oppion i recommend facebook,Myspace is VERRYYY dangerous. I have met so many hackers on there. Beware,and facebook is very safe,and good. I agree with the person above me...

Is MySpace bad for children under the age of thirteen?
yes.their are intruders and people who spam. Facebook is better.

Does Facebook own MySpace?
yess they do that's why myspace is changing with the same features as facebook

Which one is the best hi5 or MySpace?
What do you mean by the best? I like myspace better I mean their both websites to keep in touch with friends. there is Facebook and Twitter now too

Is Twitter better than facebook and myspace?
Twitter and Facebook have different uses. It's like asking if a felt-tip marker is better than a ball-point pen. It depends on what you want to accomplish.

Can you play YoVille without Facebook or MySpace?
You can't! YoVille can only be played on Facebook and MySpace.

Did Facebook come out before MySpace?
No, actually facebook came out one year after MySpace, in 2004.

Does Melina have john Morrison on her Facebook?
Melina dosent have a facebook she posted on her twitter that she DOSENT have a facebook or a myspace she says all of those accounts of her on facebook or myspace are fake

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